Join Us and Benefits of Membership


  • Shared information on care of exotic birds.

  • Monthly club newsletter, paid for by club subscriptions (membership)

  • Specific questions/problems answered by Circle leaders (Directors).

  • Guest speakers on birds and related disciplines, e.g., nutrition, veterinary and aviary management.

  • Fellowship with other bird folks.

  • Access to bird sales or selling of bird support items.

  • Contribute to conservation and better aviary management.

  • Participate in state-wide federation and national activities.



Membership Application



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  • Meets every 3rd Sunday at the Former St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 2605 Cunningham Drive, Hampton at 2:30 p.m. Speaker starts at 2:45 pm and we must vacate the room by 5:00 pm.  July is now the annual picnic and celebration of our founding, no speaker but we will have a pot luck lunch and cake.

  • December is our Christmas dinner, no speaker.

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Regular Bird Festivals, public seminars and Bird Shows

  • Associates with state and national societies and activities to meet club goals

  • Participates in activities with pet stores when practical

  • Annually elected officers by membership correspond to varieties of birds so no birds are left out in planning or programming

  • Five circle leaders, secretary and treasurer, director of education, director of activities, membership and Perch editor comprise the board of directors who elects a chairman and vice chairmen, plan the meetings and run the club's business. Gives the club stability

  • Any activity affecting all members or requiring all member participation or approval is voted by the club at a regular meeting

  • By-laws changes are read twice and also published in The PERCH before voting.   (Click Here for Bylaws)



PCBS Board Of Directors:


Any member that would like to have a matter brought before the board for discussion please contact any of the contacts below. That's what this board is for, to address the concerns of the club. Board meetings are open to the full membership and start at 1:00 pm.