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Join Us and Benefits of Membership


  • To Share information about care of exotic birds.

  • Monthly club newsletter, paid for by club subscriptions (membership)

  • Specific questions/problems answered by Circle leaders (Directors).

  • Guest speakers on birds and related disciplines, e.g., nutrition, veterinary and aviary management.

  • Fellowship with other bird folks.

  • Access to bird sales or selling of bird support items.

  • Contribute to conservation and better aviary management.

  • Participate in state-wide federation and national activities.


Send a donation via PayPal using the friends and family link to:


You will need a PayPal account to do this option.


  • Meets every 3rd Sunday at the Former St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 2605 Cunningham Drive, Hampton at 2:30 p.m. Speaker starts at 2:45 pm and we must vacate the room by 5:00 pm.  July is now the annual picnic and celebration of our founding, no speaker but we will have a pot luck lunch and cake.

  • December is our Christmas dinner, no speaker.

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Regular Bird Festivals, public seminars and Bird Shows

  • Associates with state and national societies and activities to meet club goals

  • Participates in activities with pet stores when practical

  • Annually elected officers by membership correspond to varieties of birds so no birds are left out in planning or programming

  • Secretary and Treasurer, Director of Education, Director of Activities, Membership and Perch Editor and 3 additional appointed Board Members comprise the board of directors who elects a chairman and vice chairmen, plan the meetings and run the club's business. Gives the club stability

  • Any activity affecting all members or requiring all member participation or approval is voted by the club at a regular meeting

  • By-laws changes are read twice and also published in The PERCH before voting.   (See Bylaws page)

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