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Jul 1983

Born in York County, co-organized by Dick Ivy and Bernie Van Arsdale. In the beginning, 14 charter members.


Sep 1984

Affiliates with the American Federation Of Aviculture (AFA) ending in Dec. 1991 for cause.


Jan 1985

Hosted organizational banquet of Bird Clubs of Virginia (BCV) at Holiday Inn, Hampton, Dick Ivy presiding. (19th)


May 1985

Approved By-Laws for leadership by a Board of Directors. Club now 3rd largest in state. 40 family members. (19th)


Sep 1985

First bird show. NCS sanctioned cockatiel-only show, 38 entries, 12 exhibitors. Ramada Inn, Newport News Rt. 17. (14th)


Nov 1985

Elected first board of directors based on bird circle election and a chairman.


Sep 1986

2nd bird show. All bird with NCS sanction. Hampton, Sheraton. Now 80 members.


Sep 1987

3rd bird show. All-bird with NCS, NFSS and SPBE sanctions.


Oct 1988

4th bird show. All bird with NCS, NFS, SPBE and ABS sanctions.


Apr 1989

Hosted Bird Clubs of Virginia 1989 convention at Williamsburg. (28-30)


Aug 1990

Secretary and treasurer added to by-laws. (19th) Now 125 families. Largest bird club in Virginia, second largest in mid-Atlantic.


Feb 1991

Statewide specialty bird forums (Finch & AmaZone) begun, underwritten by PCBS. By Jun 1992, subscribers in 10 states receiving forums.


Dec 1991

160 families. Club Finch Circle of Friends accepted as manager of the NFS national FINCHSAVE program.


Jan 1992

Begins Colonial Group of PCBS at Williamsburg. Last one in 1994 by disinterest.


Sep 1992

190 families. Because of bird disease potential, cancels bird show. Bird Fair success Nov. 7 with domestic-bred birds only. Bird fairs in 1993 & 1994 very successful.


Mar 1993

Adopts Species Breeding Partnership for Brown-throated conure with a director. Votes to have it as a Bird Clubs of America program, and aligns with BCA in October.


Dec 1993

Moves its Finch Family and Amazon Genus Forums to the BCA National Breeding Program, and begins the Canary Family Breeding Program. All are under-written by PCBS, as is the BCA Club Management Guides, involved in national avicultural goals.


Jan 1994

First BCA Alliance Club underwriting several species breeding partnership directors.


Apr 1994

Hosts BCV convention in Norfolk.


Oct 1994

Hosts 1st Breeder Convention of BCA at VA. Beach. Successful. BCA treasurer comes from PCBS.


Mar 1995

Third BCA director from PCBS, a national aviary self-accreditation program director.


Apr 1995

Members appear with other clubs across America to testify against possible National bird banding of all exotic birds.


Aug 1996

Begins its Pet Information Project to willing pet stores, and vet offices which agree in an educational partnership. BCA pet information pages used.


Jan 1999

Begins auction program for unwanted/donated birds. Proceeds to veterinary/avicultural/conservation research.


May 2000

Club website started on Internet.


Feb 2001

Begin collecting molted feathers for a free distribution program to SW American Indian villages for ceremonies.


Mar 2002

Continue support of Bird Clubs of Virginia conventions, this year at Portsmouth.


May 2003

Change website to with director Kathy Greaser as webmaster. Chairman leaves for Texas to investigate a new national alliance to promote awareness and action to stop unfair legislation against pet birds and owners.


June 11, 2004

Dick Ivy passed away. Our Chairman was laid to rest on June 18, 2004 at Veterans Memorial Cemetery. Deb Wilson new Chairperson


June 2005

Reestablished Bird Shows


Sep 2006

PayPal Account opened and established on web pages.


May 2010

Bill Warren New Webmaster completes makeover of old website. Added as an additional shorter domain name for club website.


Jan  2013

Nancy Butterfield became New Chairperson


Dec 2013-Jan 2014

Julie Mitchell becomes new webmaster and redesigns website


Jan  2014

Mike Frielingsdorf becomes new Perch editor


Jan 2015

Mike Neal assumes Cockatiel Circle Leader, and Bernie Mlynczak assumes Budgerigar Circle Director


Donnie Hedgebeth assumes Director of Education, Leila Shirley becomes 2nd Vice Chair and Secretary


Jan 2016

Buddy Waskey took over Education Director, Kathy Greaser became Treasurer, and Debbie Amarescu became Membership Director.

Summer 2016

Club changed from a Not for Profit to a Non-Profit (501.3(c)) tax status.

Nov 2016

Moved to new monthly meeting place at Days Inn City Center, 11829 Fishing Point Drive, Newport News, Va. 23606. Meeting starts at 2:30 pm, the 3rd Sunday of each month (Except February when we're at the World of Pets Expo in Hampton VA).


Jan 2017

Buddy Waskey became the new Vice Chair.  

We have a new building for our Bird Marts. Saint Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, 60 Traverse Rd. Newport News, Va. 23601.

Jan 2018

Board abolished dues for at least a year. Membership now free.

Feb 2018

Added over 50 new members from guests visiting our booth at the World of Pets Expo, Hampton, VA.

Feb 2019

Added 22 new members from guests visiting our booth at the World of Pets Expo, Hampton, VA.

May 2020

Steve James is elected the new club secretary.


July 2020

Dale Shenk became the new Love bird circle director.

October 2022

Michele Banner became New Director of Education.

July 2023

Mike Frielingsdorf became new vice chair.


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